Why Choose us

Kinder Garten Equipments

Kids are little bundles of joy, innocence and cuteness, and when it comes to what they interact with each day, as their toys and play equipment, it is necessary to choose right.

Aluminium Fabrications

LJ Constructions offers a full range of Aluminium Fabrication services. In our modern and advanced world, and with more facilities that are accessible, all of us wish to have excellent looking

Truss Work

LJ construction has selected the most advanced system of setting truss roofs without harming the aesthetic taste and style of the buildings. And in these best roofs went on to create new ways like

Building Constructions

LJ construction is one of the leading company undertaking projects for all building constructions. For finding more vast even in a small area, our designing engineers put their most solid effort by

Concrete Cutting Facility

Homes need a makeover sometimes, putting up new decorations, wall works or even installing a new window or door. In some of these cases, we may have to cut or break a part of the wall,

Car Rotating Platform

LJ Constructions' one of the significant constructions is the car rotator. Car rotator is a simple device, installed in the car porches to avoid reversing the car whenever you want to drive it out or in.

About Company

LJ Constructions is a trusted name in the field of building and constructions. We are a synonym for trust, responsibility and quality work. LJ Constructions provides services such as kindergarten equipment, indoor play equipment, aluminium fabrication works, truss works, building and compound wall constructions, concrete cutting and breaking and our signature service of specially constructed car rotators. In building and installing structures, LJ Constructions uses the best and quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

The Construction Company


LJ Constructions have successfully completed many projects since our establishment. Our sole aim is the satisfaction and comfort of our clients, and LJ Constructions have always protected the clients' interests and preferences while building projects. We continue to uphold quality services and timely completion of our projects in a cost-effective way by using the best quality materials. We want you to be our next happy customer and successful project!